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City Shop-hop: Camille’s Colourful Hardware Shop, San Sebastian

City Shop-hop

City Shop-hop: Camille’s Colourful Hardware Shop, San Sebastian


Our City-shop Hop shows you a little bit of local life in different parts of the planet. We get insight into the favourite shops of our friends from different cities, filling your itineraries with an extra hot spot to hit on your travels.

This time we are with Camille, 28, a designer living and working in the beautiful beach city of San Sebastian where the white and wide royal streets are brimming with one-off boutiques. She has picked ‘Arezana’ as her favourite.

1/ What does it sell

Arezana was found in 1900. It has had four generations dedicated to selling the best corl rope and products made from those. The products they offer are well made and vary from basics to beautiful home decor. 


2/ Why have I picked this shop:

This shop isn’t one I would go to everyday, but there is something about it that makes you want to pop in and take a look. I think it comes down to the quality of the products, you know they will last. Also, the endless possibility with the raw products, you can design and create whatever you can imagine. These types of shops are starting to disappear and it reminds me that not every corner has to be a Zara

3/ What would I buy from it today?

Arenzana sells a variety of woven rugs, they come from around the world I believe, but are so beautiful! I would love to have large living room so I could buy one!


4/What piece of signage stood out most? 

The signage out front is simple, hand panted. You know it is going to have quality products and unique finds. They window displays have a bit of everything.  I like that you can see past them to the walls full of different ropes!

Want to include Artezana in you San Sebastian to-do list? Here are the details:

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