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Retail Technology taking Shopping to New Realms


Retail Technology taking Shopping to New Realms

At the Retail Innovation Hub, it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t keep you up-to-date with the most recent technological happenings. Here then, are four of our favourites – from one-off experiences, to permanent installations to totally new ways of shopping.

Nike Shop or Sports Centre?

When you see the new 55,000 square foot New York shop with a basketball and soccer court and treadmill placed in front of an outdoor simulator, you wouldn’t be blamed for thinking it was a state of the art gymnasium. But with cameras set up to record customer’s body movements during in-store games, as well as their gait during a treadmill run, all the data is used by store assistants to recommend the best pair of trainers. Customers can later access all footage recorded of them through their online Nike accounts or Nike app. It’s a truly immersive experience in a spirited and personalised fashion and what is not to like about shopping that’s good for your health.


Samsung Customisable Pop-ups

This could be just the thing for new retailers wanting to test their shop offering, or existing retailers wanting to test a product launch or seasonal opportunity. It’s a pop up shop that can be rented on a weekly basis in small, medium or large size. Everything is tracked and measured using tiny cameras – footfall, dwell time and demographics. Customers can also order products from a digital screen which triggers sales representative to bring out products not on display. It provides a gold mine of information that can help them to optimise their customer journey.


Nordstrom Local Wipes out the Pain Points

Nordstrom has used technology to give customers a perfect blend of the best bits online and in-store shopping has to offer. Customers can order what they like from the website and the product is shipped to a mini, localised version of the store. It contains no inventory except what customers have ordered, along with a handful of spacious dressing rooms, stylists, a bar, a salon and an alterations and tailoring service. In other words, it is designed to eliminate multiple customer “pain points” while also providing the retailer with a ream of information on tastes, lifestyles, and specific behaviour to improve the experience of the future.


Topshop’s Augmented Aqua Experience

Not so long ago, Topshop took their customers from the shop floor on a wet and wild augmented reality ride around London. To mark the arrival of summer, customers sat on an inflatable in-store slide, donned a headset and plunged into a 360 virtual Oxford Street. Whilst whirling round the digitised blue slide, Topshop-themed surprises appeared along the way. Sunscreen was pumped throughout the store and they hosted a number of summer-themed pop-ups such as an ice cream train. Sliders could also go on snapchat and share the experience through a special lens.


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