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Home Delivery: How Creative can Online Retailers Be?


Home Delivery: How Creative can Online Retailers Be?

Once we have ordered something online, we’re no longer willing to wait around clicking our fingers. We expect it fast, free and perfectly formed. Online delivery and return options play a huge part in customers’ decision making process – the final product is no longer judged by the product itself, but includes that in between experience before it reaches our hands.  

Whilst most people favour a free service over a speedy service, a strategy can not be as simple as that. We live in a multifaceted, all-singing all-dancing delivery option world, with the likes of same day, next day or extended (cheaper) free delivery options, free returns, tracking functionality, personalised promotions, fancy packaging and click and collect. Consumers are more likely to lean to retailers who can offer the full range of options to meet their individual needs. Here are a few  of our favourites:

Miss Guided Unicorn Class

Want your shopping to be served by a beautiful, mystical beast? With Miss Guided, you can use their Unicorn Class Premier Delivery. Order before 10pm to receive your order the next day. It costs 9.99 for a whole year, so once you’re signed up, it keeps you logging in again and again.


ASOS’s 8 Ways to Return It

If you want to return an ASOS item, there are  8 different ways you can return it in the UK, which make up over a whopping 33,000 locations. From post offices, couriers, supermarkets and even specially designated lockers, the return routes are available 24 hours 7 days a week and all are completely free. Perfect if you are not quite sure if you’ll squeeze into that LBD.

InPost Parcel lockerC

Amazon Fresh Dash Buttons

The more regularly you order your groceries through Amazon Fresh, the more discount you get.  If you sign up to Amazon Prime for $99 a year, you are also eligible for free same day or two day delivery and it includes access to free music and video streaming services. Shoppers can also get their hands on a ‘dash button’ which allows you to reorder regular items at a touch of wifi and bluetooth enabled button.



Zappos Year Long Return Policy

Zappos has one of the most generous shipping and returns policy on the planet, far outstripping any bricks and mortar shop. Your product will be shipped out for free and you can keep tabs on your orders all the way through. If you are not 100% happy you can take your own sweet time to return them, with a 365 day return policy at a big fat cost of 0 to you.


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