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City Shop-hop: Matt’s Selective Stockholm Boutique

City Shop-hop

City Shop-hop: Matt’s Selective Stockholm Boutique

Our City Shop-hop feature showcases one-off shops our friends have found in different corners of the world.
This time, we are in Stockholm with Matt, a Social Media Manager, who answers some quick questions about ‘Grandpa’, his favourite super stylish Scandi boutique.

1/ What does the shop sell?

It sells retro and modern alternative fashion for men and women, accessories, homeware, stationary and apparel. Kind of an all round boutique, well selected, not ‘too’ pricey or hedonistic.

2/ Why have you picked this one as your favourite?

This shop is my favourite in Stockholm as it reminds me of several shops in my previous home; London. It’s also reminiscent of Oi Palloi, Present, Hip-Store and All Blues Co in Leeds. It’s a good example of a shop that sells men and women’s labels from all over the world but with Scandinavian taste.

3/ What would you buy from there today?

If I were there today, I would possibly pick up some colourful Novesta plimsoles, or a new Sandviken rucksack.

4/ Can you tell us about the customer service?

The Shop assistants are very helpful every time. They know all about the products and why they’ve been chosen to be in the shop. They helped me select my sunglasses last time I went; they are LeSpecs ‘bandwagon’ and are designed to be stylish, quality lenses that aren’t too expensive. They were only 400sek (35 Euros) – some of my friends pay upwards of 200euros for sunglasses. I’m far too frugal with my money for that.

5/  Were there any special collaborations in the shop?

I got my girlfriend a ring from there for her birthday. The design was called ‘Grandmas ring’ a gold ring with a red centre stone, very pretty, but quite traditional looking also. The guys in the shop told me they had made it in collaboration with a jewellery artist who just lives around the corner from the shop in Södermalm.
Next time you’re in Stockholm, take a scroll down Södermannagatan to Grandpas store:

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