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Startups Solving Shopping Pain Points


Startups Solving Shopping Pain Points

Even though technology is enabling all sorts of creative solutions to make life a little more convenient each day, if you were to set out on an on or offline shopping spree right now, moments of uncertainty, inconvenience or discomfort would certainly still occur somewhere along the line. No matter how fleeting they might be, there are many tech startups out there working hard to find creative solutions to stamp out every flutter of frustration in the retail sector. Here are some of our favourites.

Pain point 1: Not knowing if your new jumper will bring you out in a rash 

Solution: Bright Label

Bright Label allows customers to access information about a product from brands, manufacturers, standards bodies and other sources simply by scanning the label. The information includes features, benefits, care instructions, allergies and how and where it was made. It uses videos and even a dynamic map showcasing the product’s journey through the value chain.

Pain point 2: Not knowing if you’ll squeeze into those slim-fit, PVC jeans 

Solution: Metail

If you can’t go in person to try something on, why not deploy your online Avitar instead? At Metail, you can create a 3D model of yourself by adding your height, weight and body shape to see how outfits look on your body. You can play with different styles and fits and get tailor-made size and garment recommendations.


Pain point 3: Watching paint dry, wondering where on earth your delivery has got to

Solution: Exaactly

Having to use your lunch break to pick up your undelivered clothes that turned up after you left work is certainly a retail pinch point. With Exaactly, you create your exact location on the map with an ‘@@’ address and add pinpoints location, photographs, instructions and more to make sure your delivery gets to you at the time you want it.


Pain point 4: Not having the time, money or frankly, inclination, to spice up your food shop

Solution: Myxx Recipes

There are many home-delivered meal kits out there to make your food-life easier, but many are pricey and don’t give you complete control of what you want to eat. With Myxx Recipes, you go into a web portal, pick a recipe and all the ingredients are delivered right to your front door. No more shopping lists or dragging the kids kicking and screaming after school.

Pain point 5: Not being sure if that purple crushed velvet sofa will suit your conservative decor

Solution: Cimmerse

Now you can take a product image on your mobile and using Cimmerse’s visualisation tool, turn it into a life-like 3D model, all from your mobile phone. With a tap of a button, the model can then be transported into a real life environment through the camera lens, making you feel like it’s right there in the room with you, all through real-time augmented reality.

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