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City Shop-hop: Salva’s Sevillian Hat Shop

City Shop-hop

City Shop-hop: Salva’s Sevillian Hat Shop

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In our first City Shop-hop feature, where our friends around the world help us discover the best one-off shops and hidden retail gems, we are are with Salva in Seville.

Salver, 30, is a designer and architect who on his recent travels in the South of Spain, found this beautiful artesan hat shop, “Padilla Crespo Sombreros”.

01/ What does it sell?

This store, founded in 1942, sells different types of Spanish hats, as well as other types of accessories such as leather belts and wallets. But undoubtedly their biggest hits are the Andalusian hats, as are the hats from Cordoba: a wide-brimmed hat that is used in typical Andalusian parties. But you can also find Panama hats, hunting hats, Elósegui berets (typical hat of the Basque Country) and all kinds of flat caps.

02/ What kind of customers shop there?

The typical customer that buys from the shop is someone who needs a hat to wear to the “El Rocío” fair in Huelva, as well as other Andalusian fairs. Or simply those who like to have an original artisan product.


03/ Why have you picked this shop as your favourite in the city?

I have chosen this store in Seville because it defines the character of this city really well, as well as the Andalusian culture. In addition to having a large selection of items, I found they were very good quality. I had already heard of quite a few of the brands.

04/ If you could change something, what would it be? 

What I missed most in the shop was a touch of signage. I guess local people already know what each hat is used for, but for visitors to the city it would be nice if each section was segmented, maybe with a small piece of explanatory text about each hat, which might result in customers being more interested in buying the product.

05/ Describe it in 3 words

Traditional, local and unique.


Next time you’re in need of a smart new head piece down south, pay a visit to: Adriano 18, 41001 Seville.

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