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Make it Personal

Personalisation, like ‘Experience’ has been hot on the lips of retailers for a long time. It started with emails with actual customer names (rather than the generic Dear Mr & Mrs). It extended to targeted product suggestions, personalised promotions and hand-picked invitations to in-store events. It’s true that with the internet bringing a world of choices and unlikely connections to our fingertips, we are living more and more autonomous and customised lives tailored to our unique sensibilities.

Although creating a completely unique product at mass market price still seems a long way off, here are 3 retailers who are offering a big degree of personalisation. 


The global beauty market is already worth over $500 billion at the moment, but that doesn’t stop Trinny Woodall from wanting to make a dent in it – some might remember her brutal fashion advice from the hit UK TV shop ‘What Not to Wear’. Now she’s back with an online diagnosis tool ‘Match2Me’ where shoppers are invited to input their skin, eye and hair colour, before offering curated sets  ‘stacks’ just for them. They are perfectly portable to make sure you always have all your make-up with you without filling your bag to the brim with it.

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If you think the steps you take in life express a part of who you are, then you should step out in pair of customised Nike IDs. There are 4 levels of customisation, starting with your shoe type (lifestyle, training, running, basketball or football), then you can choose the colour you want for your swoosh, your heal, your straps, your laces, your tongue or your heel, as well as the type of  fabric e.g. leather, satin or chenille. Finally you can also add initials, dates or a short personal message to the tongue.  It’s all doable through their website.

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Tailor Store was founded in Sweden in 2003 by two young entrepreneurs who had a passion for both design and technology. If you can get hold of the cuff and collar measurements of your loved one, you can put them into their website and it will be sent to be made by craftsmen in Sri Lanka. What’s more, all of tailors are treated with respect and paid a fair wage and all the CO2-emissions are 100% compensated for by planting new rain forests in Sri Lanka. If your man is not satisfied with the fit, they will adjust and replace it for free.

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