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How Will the New Pinterest Shoppable Pins Work?


How Will the New Pinterest Shoppable Pins Work?

Many of us have googled a very specific product we have in mind – a silk fish print shirt, a black leather jacket with embroidered flowers – to find the product of our dreams  pop up at the top of our Google search as a Pinterest link. Frustratingly, it’s not always been something that you can just click through and buy. Up until now.

Pinterest has always been a bit different from other social media sites. It’s less about interacting, sharing, bragging and trolling and more about inspiration, niches, collections and finding information such as recipes and crafty how-tos. It’s offering of visuals and ideas perhaps sits more hand-in-hand with shopping functionality than some other social media sites, so it will be interesting to watch it’s success. 

Today it has introduced new changes that are helping its 200 million Pinteresters be one click closer to getting their hands on the treasures the search magics up. Here’s how it works:

  1. New product pins will appear in the form of a shopping bag on Pinterest’s search, home feed and related pins sections.   
  2. These products will link directly to a retailer’s checkout page so users can purchase a product within just a few clicks of finding an item.
  3. The pins will also include dynamic stock and price information, ensuring that users never land on bad links or click through to products that are out of stock.
  4. Users will also now be able to discover style ideas related to pins they’ve saved through the recently launched “more ideas” tab.

Pinterest’s vision:

“When you see something on Pinterest you’d like to own you should be able to buy it, or something just like it, that matches your unique style.”

The functionality is only available in America at the moment, but according to the platform, it has already shown a 40 per cent increase in clicks through to retailers’ pages.  

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