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The Scary Cost of Halloween


The Scary Cost of Halloween

One week to go and retailers such as Target, Walmart and Amazon are putting Halloween front of their online offer.

It’s not surprising considering the holiday is set to bring in $9 Billion dollars this year ($86.79 per person), according to the National Retail Federation. Not bad for a holiday based on plastic fangs, crumbly white face paint and hyperactivity-inducing sweets.

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Here’s a quick breakdown of how the dollars are divided:

Overall Breakdown

  • $3.2 billion on costumes
  • $2.7 billion on decorations
  • $2.6 billion on candy
  • $400 million on greeting cards


  • Millennials are going all out, spending $183 each on a Halloween package of  candy, costumes and decorations
  • Generation X’ers are expected to spend about $70 each
  • Baby boomers are just stocking up on candy with a spend of $23 each


  • A man’s average costume costs around $96 where as a woman’s is $77
  • Adults costumes reap $1.6 billion profits for business whereas children’s make $1.4 billion


  • 6.4% of people are scarily keen shoppers, starting before September
  • The majority, 44.4% of consumers, start in the first two weeks of October


  • Valentines is valued at a heart wrenching $19.6 billion
  • Father’s day is valued at $15.3 billion – that’s a lot of socks.

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