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Time to Ad-aap-t! Part 2


Time to Ad-aap-t! Part 2

3 Part Series. Part 2: The Best of Branded Apps 

As we made the case in the first part of our App series, these little digital squares are on the up and retail customers are using twice as many as they used to. The 3 brands below have adopted different features in theirs – some fun, some functionality – but they all make the customers life easier and bring them closer to the brand.

Miss Guided

The Miss Guided app boasts a 4.7 rating on the App Store and its users just love it. Offering functionality not available on the website, it’s updated weekly with 1000s of new style trends and users are sent exclusive deals and content drops. They also get fashion news and advice through the stories section and can play a Tinder-like approval game with what they see.  It uses native check-out meaning the payment can be made on one single screen. The app’s revenue run-rate went from zero to £30m within four months of the app launch – that’s a 30% higher conversion rate than the mobile website. The app is hooked up to Google Analytics and App Figures, meaning the insights into the shopping behaviour of its users continue to add value.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-26 a las 9.51.18.png


The Nike app makes users into NikePlus members, interacting with them at 3 stages; in home, before entering and whilst in the store itself. From the comfort of their coach, customers can shop through the app and receive a push notification when it’s ready to pick up, or reserve products they want to try on so that they are ready and waiting when they arrive. Before they set foot in the shop, they might receive exclusive rewards, which can also be passed to them buy the Nike Athlete serving them. Once inside the shop, Nike Plus members can scan barcodes using the Nike app to learn more about any product, discover available sizes and colors, see real-time inventory then request a try-on to be brought directly to them. A new feature will include Instant Checkout, allowing users to skip the lines with a digital checkout. Whether you like to self-serve or want the help of a Nike expert, the Nike App gives you flexibility to create your dream shopping experience.

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Of course the Amazon app would have to be on here, it’s useful for practically everyone and everything on the planet. Despite it’s huge inventory, its technological features allow you to search products with ease; you can even search for products using just an image. You can buy games, gift cards, music and Kindle eBooks and even rent and stream videos. The most sophisticated part is the augmented reality feature which is fast and easy to use. Users open the app and tap on the camera icon and from there they can pick from thousands of different products. Pick one and the app will revert back to camera mode, showing whatever part of the room you’re looking at with the product superimposed within it.

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