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Time to Ad-app-t! Part 3


Time to Ad-app-t! Part 3

3 Part Series. Part 3: The Best Shopping Apps

In the final part of our App series, where we’ve noted the rising popularity of the small, on-screen squares, we’ve hand-picked those developers that have looking at the bigger retailer picture and  how they’ve tackled the glitches in the overall shopping experience. 

Organise your Wardrobe – Save Your Wardrobe Fashion App

How many of us would feel our wardrobe was double the size if we could actually clearly see every item of clothing in it? That is the premise of this app – that simply by providing visibility you can improve the way you express yourself. Firstly, users upload a picture of their existing wardrobe which will be branded and categorised. For all new purchases, the digital receipt can be read and every detail of size, colour and date of purchase will be registered. Through the app, they can then access a vast number of brands to create wish-lists and have to hand curated playlists alongside their own digital wardrobe. The system also connects to users calendars and will make recommendations for upcoming holidays or interviews based on what it’s learnt about your taste. It also gives an introduction to core services such as dry cleaning and repairs. The overall feeling is that you have greater control over your wardrobe, you buy items that you actually really want or need and you are not wasting so much of your own, or the planet’s, resources.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-30 a las 10.10.43.png

Cure Your Style Envy – The Hunt App

If you’ve seen someone wearing something you love, online or in real life, there’s a whole community in this app to help you track it down. You might get a link to the product you seek, but also suggestions for cheaper or better options. You can also chip in with your own links and suggestions. The community of people are interesting and passionate about fashion and it’s a good place to start conversations with like minded hunters. If you’re missing the advice of a trusted friend, you can even ask the community to rate your outfits, new haircuts or which photo you should upload to Instagram. The app also allows users to follow favourite celebrities or specific trends such as ‘French’, ‘Hip Hop’ or ‘Anime’ for inspiration.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-30 a las 11.05.19.png

Your Short Cut to Online Shopping – Keep Shopping App

If you’ve got an online shopping addiction, this app could be dangerous for you. It can be summed up nicely as a universal shopping cart and allows you to hop from online shop to online shop, curate folders chock-full of the fashionable must-haves, put all your purchases in one shopping cart from any store online and pay for it all in one simple entry of your credit card details – whether it be Walmart, Victoria Secret or Lowe. It’s great if you have purchases across your family, home or even if you have a job in the buying business. It allows you to connect with friends and see what are their shopping favourites are too.

Captura de pantalla 2018-10-30 a las 11.26.43

Have you got an idea for an App that would make your retail life that little bit better? Let us know in the comments below.

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