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City Shop-hop: John’s Oxford Shop of Interesting Objects

City Shop-hop

City Shop-hop: John’s Oxford Shop of Interesting Objects

City Shop-hop: John’s Oxford Shop of Interesting Objects

In this addition of City Shop-hop, we are down a quaint cobbled street in the beautiful city of Oxford. Here John, 35 IT Consultant, shares with us his special shop of choice. Maybe it’s his practical mindset which draws him to ‘Objects of Use’ – a modern day hardware store conscientiously sourcing household objects from around the globe.

1/ What does the shop sell?

Enduring household tools and functional items which are international archetypes of everyday objects and items that have been made in the same way, by the same people, for a long time. The objects they sell are built to last.

Oxford about-shop.jpg

2/ What kind of customers shop there?

People who appreciate functional design and items which are unique yet practical.

3/ Why have you picked this shop as your favourite in the city?

It’s a pleasant place to browse with the objects being simply presented allowing them to be the centre of attention and creating the feel of the shop. There’s always something new to see and while the products are for everyday activities they present lasting solutions to simple tasks from different parts of the world.

4/ What would you buy from it today?

A traditional Made in Sheffield pocket knife.


5/ Describe it in 3 words

Quality, unique and calming.

objects-of-use-shop-home-garden-largeOxford thumbnail_IMG_2757

Show your house a bit of TLC and fix it up with tools from Objects of Use:


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