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The 6 Typical Shopping Types


The 6 Typical Shopping Types

Everyone hits the shops at some point during the year, whether it’s to treat yourself after a frantic month, light up your imagination with the holiday displays or complete a mission to replace your holey socks. Regardless of what your reasons are, everyone has a unique shopping habit that is closely linked to their personality and spending power.

Which one of the six types below do you most closely identify with? What about your family and friends?


If there’s one thing you can count on with The Bargain Shoppers, it’s the fact that they’ll absolutely find the lowest price in town—or, if they can find it on the internet, in the entire world. Armed with coupons, deals, online codes and reward cards, these shoppers head straight to the sales racks in stores; or the clearance section of websites. They often form a reputation amongst friends and family as being able to find stuff at incredibly low prices.


If you ask any salesperson at a retail store, they’ll say that this is the toughest type of shopper to sell to. No matter if it’s a 5euro coffee mug or a 15000euro car, the educated shopper is a chronic researcher and has done extensive investigations into whatever item they’re looking at purchasing. The researcher will have spent hours online sifting through reviews, guides, comments, blogs, forums and any other information source they can get their hands on.


The impulse shopper is an expert at justifying purchases that they know they don’t need to make. It’s right there in front of them and shopping around would ruin the rush of excitement impulse buying brings. As a result, they are likely to overspend (often over and over again), because they buy very easily and usually don’t care about the price tag.


They buy everything, and we mean everything, from the same store / brand. They represent no more than 20% of the customer base but make up more than 50% of the sales. They’d never switch brands no matter how good the competitor’s newest product is (though they will never admit another brand could actually make a better product!) or they’ll latch on to any product line that store offers, because they trust the judgement of their favourite retailer.


The shoppers “man on a mission” have a specific intention to buy a particular type of item. They buy what they need and not one thing more. They have a very specific budget and a certainty of what they’re buying  and will not stop until they find it. These people are usually in a huge rush and are running around the store knocking clothes off the hangers. And if your store doesn’t have the item they want, you usually end up feeling their wrath.


This shopper enjoys buying but have no specific need or desire in mind when they go into the store. They can be persuaded by eye catching images and clear benefits of products. The most important part for this wandering shopper is the whole experience of shopping. They are likely to list shopping as a favourite hobby, it’s something to spend an entire Sunday doing. They feel justified in spending on this hobby so are not afraid to buy just for the sake of it.

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