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The Big Retail Quiz


The Big Retail Quiz

Happy New Year to all our retail readers! We’ve already had a look at the exciting changes 2019 is likely to bring, but can the big numbers of 2018 tell us a little more about the direction of the sector? Test your retail knowledge with our Big Retail Quiz below. No scrolling down to the answers until you’ve placed you’re initial bets. Why not take it with your colleagues to see who comes up top?

  1. Which retailer had the biggest sales?
  2. Which retailer closed the most stores?
  3. Where was the most expensive retail location?
  4. Which was the biggest mall in the world?
  5. What was the most downloaded app?
  6. Which was the biggest shopping day?
  7. Which world economy grew most in the retail sector?
  8. Which country has the most retailers in the top 250 performing stores?
  9. Which was the fastest growing retailer?
  10. How much of the online market did Amazon dominate?
  11. What is the average monthly revenue of a small to medium sized retailer in the USA?
  12. What was the most popular way for customers to do product research?
  13. Which product category was most researched online before being bought in store?
  14. What’s the average number of customers small to medium sized retailers have on their database?
  15. What percentage of shoppers say they have shopped with a discount retailer?

Captura de pantalla 2019-01-04 a las 10.17.03.png

  1. Walmart, ($374.80 billion)
  2. Toys R Us (735)
  3. Cause way bay, Main street shops, Hong Kong $2,671 per sq ft
  4. New South China Mall (6.46 million sq ft)
  5. Amazon Mobile App
  6. Single’s Day, 11 November 2018 with $30.8 billion in sales over 24 hours
  7. Asia pacific from 10.4% of total retail sales to 15.4% of total retail sales
  8. North America with 87
  9. Vipshop Holdings Limited, China
  10. 43.5%
  11. $22,430
  12. Face to face communication at 67%
  13. Electronics
  14. 488
  15. 89%

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