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Shop Sustainably in the City, with Natoora


Shop Sustainably in the City, with Natoora

Natoora is a premium fresh produce catering supplier that is bringing sustainable food shopping to key cities across the globe. It struck founder, Franco Fubini, that something was seriously wrong with how people had come to think about and consume fruits and vegetables when he heard someone ordering peaches in December.

He founded Natoora 10 years ago, starting out with partnerships with Ocado and Waitrose, and subsequently growing it’s own physical presence. It’s radically seasonal produce is shaping the way chefs cook in over a thousand kitchens across New York, Paris and London. It’s latest store opening in the latter city can be found in Chelsea, and its truly a sight of sustainable sleekness.

The layout of the shop allows consumers to closely follow the seasons and encourage them to consider the origins of their produce in the same way they might meat or fish. Designed by Argentinian architect Noe Golomb and London-based cabinet-makers FincH, who also fitted out stores for luxury skincare brand Aesop, the feel is similar to the one found in the luxury skincare brand’s stores.

Natoora’s stock has been arranged according to seasonality as opposed to categories and there is a ‘fermentation and preserving’ space. Careful attention has been paid to the design and layout of the store to minimise bruising and extend shelf life since Natoora sources its produce ripe.

Beyond the chic exterior lies and important mission, to source radically seasonal produce that highlights the true cost of farming, protects the land from soil depletion and favours sustainable, nutritionally dense crops with revolutionary flavour. By working directly with small scale growers as well as developing their own farming projects, they are building a community which works together towards a common goal.

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