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Innovation Station: Levi’s Tailor Shop, New York


Innovation Station: Levi’s Tailor Shop, New York

Finding the perfect pair of jeans that clinches at the hips and fastens neatly at the waist is not an easy task and you’re only going to make things harder for yourself if you try to find them through online shopping.

It’s perhaps for this reason, combined with their cool collaborations and exciting in and out-of-store experiences, that Levi’s have had 11 consecutive quarters of growth in their physical shops. Despite the retail woes of many surrounding brands, the jeans giant signed a long-term lease of 10 to 15 years for their 6th location placed on the iconic Time Square, which will keep its doors open from 8 a.m to 1 a.m everyday.

The Tech

The flagship shop is dripping with video screens and attention-getting graphics to give it a dynamic, energetic feel. It includes mobile points-of-sale and associated-assisted ordering, as well as dressing rooms that  are equipped with convenient associate call buttons. Before even stepping into Levi’s in Times Square, you can get a look at the space via a virtual 360-degree store experience, accessible from the Store Finder on

It’s also serving as a newsroom, hosting Extra! TV for a year-long in-store residency, with weekly celebrity and pop culture news broadcasts from the on-site locale.

The Tailoring

The 16,000 square feet of space makes it the worlds largest tailor shop, where you can find:

  • A large customisation bar with functioning sewing machines
  • Four on-site tailors to make alterations, add patches, paneling, chain stitching and more to jeans, jackets, tees and totes
  • Direct to garment printing capabilities
  • A selection of preloaded logos and designs to choose from to add to garments
  • An initial period where four New York-based artists, from photographers to graffiti artists are on hand to help with custom designs.

The Product

The new NYC store also houses the largest assortment of Levi’s product under one roof including offshoot brands such as Levi’s Premium, Levi’s Made & Crafted, Levi’s Vintage Clothing, Levi’s Authorized Vintage, Levi’s Collaborations, Accessories, Footwear and Kids. In addition, the company will “drop” exclusive and capsule collections in the store.

Captura de pantalla 2019-01-16 a las 16.22.05.png

“LS&Co. is focused on bringing a highly personalized shopping experience to the consumer and this new, larger-format store embodies the brand’s bold stature and vision,” said Roy Bagattini, executive VP and president, Levi Strauss Americas. “This flagship brings to life our brand story with theatre-like expression. “By featuring the largest Tailor Shop in the fleet, the Levi’s Times Square store responds to consumer preferences for personalized and customized product as part of a unique, engaging shopping experience.”

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