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City Shop-hop: Nicole’s Sheepskin Boutique in the Blue Mountains

City Shop-hop

City Shop-hop: Nicole’s Sheepskin Boutique in the Blue Mountains

In our most far flung City Shop-hop to date, we are approximately one hour away from Sydney, on the path towards the beautiful Blue Mountains. Here Nicole, a communications expert, returns home to Australia to see her family and takes us to the Blue Mountains Ugg Boots shop to walk us through her sheepskin shop of dreams.

What does it sell?

Established in 1933, Blue Mountains Ugg Boots is a local institution. It’s location on the side of the main highway up the mountains with its cow skin rugs and ugg boots on display means it’s popular stop on the way up to Katoomba. The shop features an extensive range of Australian made ugg boots, sheepskin slippers, kangaroo skins, sheepskin and cow skin rugs, sheepskin car seat covers, soft toys and souvenirs.


Why have you picked this shop as your favourite in the city?

It’s my favourite shop because it’s truly an icon of my hometown, the Blue Mountains. If anyone has ever been to visit The Three Sister or Jenolan Caves then they are sure to have noticed the shop on the side of the ride with its quirky display of sheep skin and cow skin products outside. It’s rather hard to miss! It’s also a family owned shop which means you’re supporting a local business and a local family.


Describe a particular design or display feature you like:

The store design is an ode to the Australian outback. The corrugated iron sheeting used for its walls and roof is typical of farm sheds in the country so it’s a very “Aussie” aesthetic. The limited use of signage lets the products do the real talking with their patterns, textures and materials making the real impact. It’s a very tactile experience inside of the shop. My favourite display is the Ned Kelly tribute with a replica of his armour and a sign with what’s famously reported to be his last words “such is life”.


Do you know any interesting facts about the shop?

The 4th generation family owned business actually started out by primarily selling pure 100% Australian honey and honey-based products and as such was called “Busy B”. You could buy your honey straight from the barrel and jars filled up at the store. However, their ugg boots fame soon eclipsed their honey products and both locals and travellers alike started calling it “the ugg boot shop”.


Describe it in 3 words:

Friendly. Australian Made. Family Owned.


Find your dream outfit for the outback at 515 Great Western Highway, Faulconbridge, NSW 2776, Australia.

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