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In Need of a Little Retail Consultancy?


In Need of a Little Retail Consultancy?

With aggressive growth in China, the rise of robots in warehouses, big brother-like in-store analytics and an uncountable array of other changes in the retail sector, you might be feeling that you need a little outside help to stop and take stock of where to take your retail strategy. Here we put forward 4 of the big players that with their global reach, years of experience and cross-sector working may be what you need to help you get ahead.

McKinsey and Company

McKinsey & Company is a privately-owned management consulting firm with over 14,000 consultants in 120 cities and a Head Quarters based in New York. The company is surrounded in an air of mystery with a strong commitment to confidentiality which means it doesn’t reveal the names of its clients. Never the less, that doesn’t stop its reputation from flourishing, known as one of the most prestigious consultancies in the world making casual 10 Billion revenue annually that comes from serving around 90% of the top 100 corporates worldwide. it addresses strategic, organizational, operational and technological issues through a range of consultants spanning engineers, designs, data scientists, entrepreneurs and business managers. It stands out from its competitors with its ‘Knowledge Network’ which consists of 2000+ knowledge professionals who operate as an integral part of client teams through a combination of onsite and remote involvement.

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With it’s pulse on the latest information technology for the last 70 years, Accenture is a consultancy adept in the world of disruption and innovation. Its aim is to help some of the world’s leading companies think about their future in an ever more technilogical space. They are particularly proud of their ‘Accenture Innovation Architecture’, which brings together research, investment, labs and studios which incubate and prototype new concepts through applied R&D. By the end of 2020, Accenture will open 10 new innovation hubs across the U.S where their employees will work side-by-side with clients to ideate, rapidly prototype and launch transformative ideas that help them to solve their biggest challenges, getting their hands on artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, drones with computer vision and virtual reality.

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The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.

Far from being stunted by the boundaries of Boston, this consultancy worth around $6.3 billion has over 16,000 employees in over 90 offices in 50 countries. Clients typically include many of the world’s 500 largest companies, but BCG also counts midsized businesses, nonprofit organizations and government around the world among its clients. The firm’s consultants have included a range of interesting characters including the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Grammy Award winner John Legend. Their portfolio spans consumer goods, retail, financial services, industrial godos amongst others, helping firms with a number of specific management issues including growth strategy development and execution; business portfolio management; mergers and acquisitions; productivity and efficiency improvement; marketing and pricing.

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OC&C was set up in London in 1987 to specialise in consumer goods and landed it’s first client as Coca-Cola Schweppes. The firm’s core expertise is retail, which it has been built on by expanding into fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Though smaller than peers such as McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group or Bain, its UK retail practice is as big, if not bigger, than theirs. It won a six-star rating for the consumer goods and retail category in the UK’s Leading Management Consultants, compiled by the Financial Times. The firm has a slightly higher ratio of partners to staff than rivals, believing more partner time is important in order to deliver clients the advice that comes from someone with 20 years of experience on the project.

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